Our Services

Medical Devices Supply, Installation & Maintenance.
Bio-Medical, Dental & Surgical equipment’s trading.
Disposables & Infection Controllers trading.
Beauty & Personal Care Products trading.
Central Medical Gas Installation & Maintenance.
Hospital & Clinic Interior fit-out Design, Approvals & Execution.

Medical Engineering Division

The core of our business is a sound project management infrastructure.

As a result of our continuous strive towards diversity. It was with great care each product was added to the medical equipment supply portfolio. A specialist / specialized products are managed by ibnu sina with a team of well qualified Engineers, Technicians and supporting staff.

Turnkey Projects & Line of Business Activities

Building Healthcare Projects including specialized medical laboratory LPG & Biomedical Engineering equipments.
  • Source of Equipment Manufacturing process

    Design Manufacturing, Assembling and Inspection, Testing, Commissioning before packing and shipping to destination.

  • Supply, Shipping and delivery process

    Packing, Documentation, Transportation, Supply, Shipping to destination, clearing from, transportation, Delivery, Packing, Visual inspection.

  • First fix installation process.

    1. Design & Primary product manufacturing, Degreasing, Sealing & packing, Protect against contamination.

    2. Transportation to site, storing, Unpacking & inspection.

    3. Assembling, Installation & Testing.

  • Second fix installation process.

    Second fix assembly & installation, testing & preliminary commissioning.

  • Third party Inspection and purity test

    Validation, Verification of all installed amenities as final testing, Commissioning & handover.

  • Second Equipment installation.

    After successful testing, commissioning & handing over, all the secondary equipments can be installed.

  • PPM, Operation & Annual Maintenance Contract.